From PASAJist (2010-2013) to PASAJ (2013-)

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PASAJist - Halep

PASAJist was established in a room of 27 square meters in the Halep Passage. Here, in two and a half years, the aim of realizing more than fifty exhibitions and talks of local and foreign artists is to give freedom to the artist, to make room for every site-specific project designed or restructures for this room.


PASAJ - Galata

After two and a half years in Aleppo Passage, PASAJ left İstiklal street in April 2013 and settled in Tarlabaşı. It held exhibitions on the lower floor of Ot Cafe for a year in the warehouse provided by the founders of the cafe and magazine. In the same year, PASAJ team did not perform activities in Tarlabaşı and experienced the process of meeting the neighborhood...  

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PASAJ - Tarlabaşı

The Tarlabaşı program is built on the neighborhood, friendships, relationships, and the process of rapid change in the neighborhood. It aims to facilitate skills exchange and to establish an environment where artists encounter each other and other inhabitants in the area. 


PASAJ Karaköy

PASAJ continues its projects by cooperating with Nimet Han and its surroundings. Here, it focuses on the memory of the place and works on the structure, possibilities, past and future of the room, historical "han" and Karaköy.


PASAJ @ Barın Han

Beginning in April 2022, PASAJ will be located on the third floor of Barın Han and will focus on representations of everyday life in Çemberlitaş and the historic peninsula, and the reality beyond its representations.

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All events that PASAJ has been invited outside its venue; presentations, interventions, talks and more...