PASAJ Tarlabaşı 

PASAJ put emphasis on skill exchange and sharing of experience through participatory art, and go one step further from the state of contemplating stressing the need to open a platform for artistic production and action that we can actually participate in and that would lead us to a common experience.

PASAJ started its activities after about one and a half years of meeting with its neighbors in order to experience its different dynamics and to establish bonds with the Tarlabaşı neighborhood.


PASAJ Studio was on the third floor of an apartment, which does not give much opportunity to participatory art projects. We collaborated with İsmail's restaurant on the corner of the street, in order to reach our neighbors. 

Developing this project under the name of PASAJ Tarlabaşı, the team builds its program on the neighborhood, friendships, relationships, witnessing the moment, and the rapid change process in the neighborhood. In this process, which artists share with people from outside the art circle, coexistence occurs between different ages and social backgrounds.


With the destruction of İsmail's place in June 2017, he had to leave this place as well. For the first time, in Istanbul, which gave more immigrants than it received, PASAJ relocated and settled in Karaköy.

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