Improvised Performance

Banu Taylan

Create a character. Improvise. Search with eyes closed, live and discover. Find yourself through a made-up language. Then lose it. Then find it again. Live with eyes closed. Create a character. Find its voice. Sing its song. Improvise. Like surprises. Catch them all. Discover with eyes closed. Find the fluttering ones. Put the inside out. Know the unknown. Be surprised at surprises. Create a character. We will start with a breathing exercise, then a voice exercise, also make a performance of speaking in a made-up language, surprise improvised discoveries, and a blind walk of collecting sounds. You will find a character through the improvisations you make with your voice and body in the world you live in, Pasajist, Halep Pasaji, and your imagination. Finally, you will put forth a moment, a story, the birth, the song, the death, the escape or the tale of this character, or maybe its relationship with another new character. Who can participate: those who like improvisation, surprises and play with their voices and bodies.


Thursday - Friday 

14:00 - 19:00 


11.00 - 15.00 


Mumhane street Nimet Hanı 45/29 Karaköy


+90 534 613 01 80