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off pasaj

Nov. 2011, İstanbul


istanbul 11'

SpaceLab by Stefan Endewardt, is an intuitive growing installation, which deals with spaces, situations and resources in the city.


Stefan Endwardt, represented by PASAJ 

2013, İstanbul



PASAJ works with (Brooklyn) New York artist Sheila Pepe to create a space that invites the public to pause, contemplate, discuss and consider the nature of the context: the IstabulArt fair. 

Sheila Pepe, represented by  PASAJ 

Mar. 2015, İTÜ Taşkışla

peyzaj mimarisinde İsviçre dokunuşu

The ‘Swiss Touch In Landscape Architecture’ is an event initiated by ProHelvetia and brought to Turkey by PASAJ. It’s supported by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Istanbul. 

curated by Michael Jacob 

May 2019, Turin

here 4 @

cavallerizza irreale

We enjoyed a lot exhibiting the project "a Karagöz of freedom and dissent" of Caspar Pauli & Birgit auf der Lauder and the project 60 meters of Kahya Bey Street of Ekmel Ertan & Seçil Yaylalı with the photo of Giorgio Caione 

in the framework of here 4 festival

Nov. 2019

L’influenza del genius loci, konuşma

The NESXT Festival includes artistic productions by independent artists. In its program, during parallel talks, he discusses common concepts that bring together independent artists and art initiatives.

L’influenza del genius loci, SACROSANCTUM, E IL TOPO, TAZ +, Matrice22 ile

Mar. 2012, Torino

bin 11


In this presentation, PASAJ's survival strategies were shared and a discussion was established with the audience through their own methods at bin11 from Turin.

bin11 & PASAJ

2014, İstanbul



PASAJ proposes to organize a ‘feast’, a dinner set-up that encourages audience participation for ArtInternational Istanbul 2014.


PASAJ  curated by Merve Ünsal ve Özge Ersoy

Dec. 2015, Studio X

How to live together

How social solidarity comes into existence in geography where living together is locked in particular spatial cultural and social forms, can life alternatives that pay regard and adapt to the differences be produced?

organized by Next İstanbul 

Jun. 2019, Plovdiv

AIM network

plovdiv 2019

AIM is an international network of artist-run initiatives.Artist-Run initiatives came together and shared opinions and experiences in Plovdiv. They made workshops and an exhibition and a panel discussion.

organized by AIM and Plovdiv 2019

June 2013, Münih

kunstraum muenchen - sunum

In this meeting, the structure and functioning of PASAJ was discussed with Kunstraum Muenchen, which has been operating since the 1970s

kunstraum muenchen - PASAJ

Apr. 2015, Stockholm



PASAJ will recreate in its fair stand the small buffet/ restaurant it uses for exhibitions /events in the Tarlabasi neighborhood. It’s a way to bring to Stockholm a small alternative part of Istanbul.


Mayıs 2018, Zürih



What does independence mean? How does PASSAGE work in the neighborhood? How to set up different collaborations? Is it possible to proceed in different economic models?

in collaboration with Raum Station and PASAJ 

Oct. 2019, İzmir

darağaç lüzum


The participant was invited to think about and  identify what space / public space needs / necessities are in creative and independent formations; they discussed the use of the street as an experimental area.

moderated by Saliha Yavuz


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