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Future has Desires
PASAJ 2022-2023


PASAJ connects one place to another. It is a transition, nomadic in the city; temporarily settled in the physical space, it provides an environment where artists can carry out short-term projects within the theme created specifically for that place; it hosts events such as exhibitions, performances, discussions, and workshops. It respects local knowledge, history, and memory of a place, and aims to leave permanent traces on both people's lives and locations.


Beginning in April 2022, PASAJ will be located on the third floor of Barın Han and will focus on representations of everyday life in Çemberlitaş and the historic peninsula, and the reality beyond its representations.


Everyday life can be a way to re-evaluate repetition, routines, mediocrity, but also authority, power relations, social bonds, and resistance. PASAJ invites artists to rethink 21st-century life practices, daily behaviors, and experiences by considering the relationship between humans, plants and animals, water and soil, markets and gardens, architecture, and all living and non-living beings of the historical peninsula.


In this program, PASAJ encourages artists to collaborate with other artists/collectives/academics/scientists by borrowing the concept of collectivity from the ongoing project Future Has Desires, which explores the nature and structure of being a collective.

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