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Hareketli İplikler
Paola Anziché

The Moving Treads 

workshop by Paopla Anziché
AIR Bayrampaşa residency 23' artist​

on the 18th of March, next week Saturday at 14:00 in PASAJ @ Barın Han

This year we are welcoming Italian artist, Paola Anziché within the AIR Bayrampaşa Residency Program. The artist, in addition to the research and exhibition process, will carry out a Collective Textile Workshop with the leftover fabrics collected from the factories in the region. "The Moving Threads" Workshop will take place on the 18th of March, next week Saturday at 14:00 in PASAJ @barin_han BarınHan. Please DM @pasajist Instagram account for participation.

The workshop will work through manual dexterity, the spirit of cooperation, exploration, and discovery. It provides a knowledge base of weaving without a loom. Through the gradual working process, the fabric is associated with finger gestures and the body. It is a simple and inclusive practice, requiring no special skills. It is an invitation to rethink and reinvent the initial baggage of techniques to get involved in the physical and collective dimensions of the work. It provides stimuli that lie between the fields of study of gesture performance, design, architecture, and fashion.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-08 at 11.32.34 AM.jpeg
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Kesişen Diyaloglar

arzu arbk bulusma.jpg

(Intersecting Dialogues)

Workshop and Exhibition Setup : Arzu Arbak

Artists: Aliye Altunbilek, Ayşecan Kurtay, Sibel Kaçamak, Suzan Bayazıt, İpek Yeğinsü

21-23 March 23: Intersecting Dialogues workshop - Arzu Arbak

25 March 23: Performance - İpek Yeğinsü 

In Intersecting Dialogues, the artists play a game with photographs. They look again and again at photographs taken for different purposes, borrow them from other artists, cut them, distort them, remake them, and create a new "code". They multiply the experience of looking at a photograph without trying to reach any final meaning. 

While this appropriation, which is a shocking experience for the artist, opens the door to different "becoming", the works suggest the viewer look at photography in a different way.

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