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PASAJ is an artist initiative that runs a project space used for various purposes (exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks) in the field of contemporary arts. PASAJ was founded in 2010 and has always been located in Beyoğlu, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. PASAJ focuses on social context, knowledge, and memory of the space as well as connecting with the local community. It aims to facilitate skills exchange and to establish an environment where artists encounter each other and other inhabitants in the area. PASAJ invites artists to build up site-specific projects in communication with its surroundings. PASAJ runs A.I.R. Bayrampaşa, a hotel-based artist residency in an industrial neighborhood of Istanbul.

now at PASAJ

a fine line, by Seçil Yaylalı, 22, photo1 (1).jpg



A.I.R. Bayrampaşa

Future has desires