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The Feast by PASAJ
The Alternatives section curated by Merve Ünsal & Özge Ersoy 

artinternational 2014

In Plato’s “Symposium” the “feast” is a medium in order to talk about the main subject which is love. The book is based on defining real love. In this context, we can consider that at an art fair’s opening, the feast is an instrument to discuss the main subject which is “art”.
During international art events, the feast, is it really a tool for art, or is it instrumentalized for other several goals? At Socratic dinners the world is reasoned, at gambling tables, the bets are taken, at bar tables, the state is saved. So, what is spoken at the table of an art fair’s opening?

PASAJ proposes to organize a ‘feast’, a dinner set-up that encourages audience participation for ArtInternational Istanbul 2014. During the ‘feast’, each participant will be asked to prepare a sandwich for another participant, which will engage people who do not necessarily know each other, provoking impromptu dialogues. The participants include an invited group of artists who will spearhead the conversations, yet the work’s premise is to be completely open to passers-by, to spontaneous participation.

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