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PASAJ is an art initiative that runs a project space used for various purposes (exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks) in the field of contemporary arts.  PASAJ focuses on social context, knowledge, and memory of the space as well as connecting with the local community. It aims to facilitate skills exchange and to establish an environment where artists encounter each other and other inhabitants in the area. PASAJ invites artists to build up site-specific projects in communication with its surroundings. It supports the artist, new collaborations that can be established between the artist and the audience, alternative venues, and experimental approaches where art events can be held. It explores ways to enter public and semi-public spaces by associating art with urban spaces in various formats. By relocating art in frequently used spaces such as passages and haunts, it aims to meet not only those with an artistic background but also people from different segments of the public who have not yet had a relationship with contemporary art. It attaches importance to the construction of environments where the artist can meet different audience groups. It respects local knowledge, history, and memory of a place.


PASAJ, in collaboration with Ramada Encore Bayrampaşa, runs A.I.R. Bayrampaşa, an artist residency in a hotel in the industrial neighborhood of Istanbul. 

PASAJ, which has changed its location 5 times since 2010, has been reshaped each time by establishing a connection with the local neighborhood. It is now located in the historical Barın Han in Çemberlitaş.
It has been a member of the international AIM network since 2019. 

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