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2 – 19 February 2023 
Melike Koçak 
Soft Stone

in collaboration with Metehan Özcan, Zeynep Özkanca, Eren Yıldırım, Ege Kanar and Umut Erbaş 

How to touch Sultanahmet? How do the stones consent to contact, soften, flow, and come to hand? Can one cross the security lines and bathe in the cistern waters? Can an Istanbulite take Sultanahmet in the hand as it was, is, and will be? Can they embrace it, can they go beyond its representations? Can he say I belong here? Here, Soft Stone, by taking the streets of Sultanahmet as an example, seeks ways to become one with its stone, soil, water, bird feed, riding stones, cigarette butts, and sub-industrial sneakers. In this way, it aims to go beyond the representations of Sultanahmet and to touch Sultanahmet as a neighborhood. It was born out of the idea of experiencing Sultanahmet as Sultanahmet by collecting, examining and dissecting the physical elements that make it exist.

Melike Koçak's 2-week workshop and exhibition Soft Stone at PASAJ explores ways of experiencing an area laden with historical and cultural representations in its simplest form by focusing on material elements. The process, which will be enriched with artist talks, workshops and collaborations, explores the possibility of an alternative and material portrait of Sultanahmet.

12 – 29 January 2023
Aşkın Ercan 

Invisibility of the healing & what water tells



Opening: 12 Jan. Thursday 18.00

Artist talk: 22 Jan. Sunday 14.00 - 15.00  Aşkın Ercan with Yasemin Ülgen, in TR

Invisibility of the healing & what water tells  focuses on interspecies equality, climate justice and the right to water in this century where all indicators of ecological destruction and future scenarios are discussed. Being able to see that the healing water has been colonized by the structures built on it tells us today reduces the threats against ecological destruction. Being able to see what the healing water, which was colonized with the structure it was built on, tells us today, reduces the threats against ecological destruction. Thus, the restorative, healing, regenerative and hope-fostering nature of water becomes a sign of repairing the future. The invisibility of healing, which is an Exhibition project - what water carries, consists of a video presentation and a talk.

Invisibility of the healing & what water tellwill be held in collaboration with the Goethe Institute/Galeri Vitrin. 


2021 - 2024
Future has Desires


PASAJ is examining the nature of collective work from a practical point of view in the research project titled The Future has Desires, which will be developed with participants from Turkey and neighboring countries. Based on the fact that there is no single form of collectivity, it aims to investigate the motivations of different groups, their working methods, the current nature and conditions of being a collective.  

Collectives from Turkey and neighboring countries are invited to the project in order to bring together structures with similar social, economic and political tensions, which can mutually experiment with their methods and solutions, and re-adapt them to their own conditions. With participants from Istanbul, Izmir, Çanakkale, Mardin, Mardin, Athens, Plovdiv, Sukhumi, Tehran and Casablanca, Future Desires Var attaches importance to the encouraging and nourishing power of togetherness and aims to get to know them closely by inviting collectives working in different structures. 

Click here for the project website.

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