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2021 - 2024
Future has Desires


PASAJ is examining the nature of collective work from a practical point of view in the research project titled The Future has Desires, which will be developed with participants from Turkey and neighboring countries. Based on the fact that there is no single form of collectivity, it aims to investigate the motivations of different groups, their working methods, the current nature and conditions of being a collective.  

Collectives from Turkey and neighboring countries are invited to the project in order to bring together structures with similar social, economic and political tensions, which can mutually experiment with their methods and solutions, and re-adapt them to their own conditions. With participants from Istanbul, Izmir, Çanakkale, Mardin, Mardin, Athens, Plovdiv, Sukhumi, Tehran and Casablanca, Future Desires Var attaches importance to the encouraging and nourishing power of togetherness and aims to get to know them closely by inviting collectives working in different structures. 

Click here for the project website.

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