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Carolyn Riddell

Stationary Stories

Stationary Stories Carolyn Riddell’s second show in Turkey can be seen at PASAJist between January 11-20, 2013. The work involves many years (26 ) of “passaging” between Canada, Turkey, and India. The work is a pivotal shift from painting and printmaking to working with newer material: fabric (sarees, carpets, weavings) as well as plexiglass sheeting. This show will be an attempt at creating a “corridor” or ‘viaduct’” representing eastern and western sensibilities, histories and traditions. Each material presented in the show has an inherent identity, which Riddell has subverted/exchanged/dismantled to hopefully create a new vantage point for the viewer. Reworked by the artist’s hand, setting in the memory, intending towards the poetic, an ‘honest’ displacement.

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