Untitled (in the corner) 


Manuela Macco

16 June

Untitled (in the corner) by Manuela Macco In Untitled (in the corner), a work specially created for her exhibition at Pasajist, Manuela Macco explores “the corner” in its physical and metaphorical form. The corner is the not-place per excellence, marginal and narrow cave, it can become a space of exclusion, punishment, isolation, loneliness, discomfort, frustration but also a place of mystery, of the unexplored. Questioning himself about the different meanings that the expression “stand in the corner” may underlie, the artist investigates the relationship between body, space, marginality, and impulse to adaptation. The project, which is divided into different phases, experiences a sort of interaction between image and action, between body and geometric space, between three-dimensional and two-dimensional. The physical action first seeks further development through a video-photo image and then in a kind of participatory experience, extending itself from the space of the gallery to public spaces thanks to the audience’s involvement. Reflecting on the difference between the body as a lived reality and body as an image, Untitled also seeks to investigate the relationship between performance, ephemeral work, and photography, durable work, by raising the issue concerning the documentation in performance art. Manuela Macco is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily uses the medium of performance. Her actions are never separated by deep listening to the body and its messages. Interested in the discourse on “gender”, reflection on identity, the role of woman and artist in society, she conceives the body as an instrument of self-knowledge and as a meeting point between the self and the world.



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