Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project
2019 - 2022

BV is an exchange and cooperation between preschools, independent art organizations, and universities in SE/ Rinkeby, TR/Istanbul and Tarlabasi and DK/Aarhus and Gellerup. BV is structured around 4 LTT mobilities and 4 Intellectual Outputs and 3 Multiplier Events. The professional artists in the art organizations of BV will be the project leaders of every country, and the art organizations will be the organizations "in the middle" of the project which makes it possible to implement BV in the preschools.

Beyond Verbal relates to how we can meet each other over and beyond language boundaries, using creativity and contemporary art processes as tools for communication and development. Creativity and art are a universal language of children, which they handle and use seamlessly whenever the possibility arises. Through a constructionist perspective, all knowledge is created and preserved in a social context.


BV is based on the seven grounds for discrimination; race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, and social origin, with a focus on standard criticism and equality in relation to the local context. BV will; - invent creative methods of driving the work on equality, diversity, standard criticism and inclusion much further, - attack the topic from new, innovative joint points and - create activities based on pedagogical and contemporary art pedagogical process.


Target groups of BV include; preschool teachers, educators, and managers,

  • local preschools,

  • local cultural networks,

  • the children and the families, and

  • local stakeholders.

BV wants to create a more dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the preschools and art organizations to create bigger social inclusion, bigger understanding, and openness to minimize racism and alienations. 

The participants in a teaching session will be affected by the cultural setting of the situation and by bringing their own diversified, and culturally, backgrounds, they will all affect the setting, each other and the outcome. The outcome will be enabled and produced through the relationships that develop in the process. It is a project to strengthen the work of the preschool personal/ team by:


  • emphasizing and approaching the problems involved in ethical dilemmas and questions of life, - increasing the quality of the preschools' work with gender equality and standard criticism in relation to socio-economical, high exposed and segregated areas, where strong cultural standards and other strong cultural contingent standards meet, based on the seven grounds of discrimination,

  •  making children more aware that people may have different attitudes and values that determine their views and actions,

  • working towards ensuring that all persons have an equal measure of influence in participating in activities,

  • developing their identity and the feeling of security in themselves,

  • feeling a sense of participation in their own culture and developing a feeling and respect for other cultures,

  • strengthen the cooperation with the home concerning the child’s upbringing, and discuss with parents the rules and attitudes in the preschool; Strengthening the profile(s) of the teaching professions, including teachers, school leaders and teacher educators, through actions with the following objectives: making careers more attractive; strengthening selection and recruitment, supporting teachers in dealing with diversity in the preschool (including pupils with a migrant background); supporting teachers in adopting collaborative and innovative practices;


BV will also:


  • bring forward one of the children's most used languages, creativity, and art, as a tool of communication (between the participants, adults, children, and audience), beyond language, cultural and religious barriers,

  • use creativity and art as a tool of individual, organizational and societal development,

  • use the art platforms to make the work visible beyond the walls of the preschools,

  • drive and bring out an implementable, quality-assured, method on how to work whit gender equality and standard criticism in relation to socio-economical, high exposed and segregated areas, where strong cultural standards and other strong cultural contingent standards meet, based on the seven grounds of discrimination, 

  • develop creative and process pedagogical thinking in relation to early childhood education and care,

  • develop the work to give children the opportunity to freely develop their ability to communicate, document and describe their impressions, experiences, ideas and thinking processes by means of words, concrete materials and pictures, as well as aesthetic and other forms of expression, - work towards ensuring that the opinions and views of each child and adult are respected;

The LTT activities will include;


  • participating, art pedagogical workshops lead by the artist in the artist organizations, constructed in collaboration with the projects "intellectual output group" (see further down),

  • lectures,

  • guided tours,

  • study visit at the preschools,

  • study visit at the organizations- dinners and - social activities.

In between the LTT mobilities, we will implement the workshops in the preschool for the children, performed by the participating preschool pedagogues. The Multiplier Events activities will include a traveling contemporary art exhibition in each place, local workshops for other preschools in SE, a seminar in TR and an event of releasing the publication in DK.

The Intellectual Output activities will include producing;

  • a research-based publication,

  • a research-based video-documentation,

  • a pedagogical tool-kit and

  • a researched-based transnational web-site.

The objectives are to spread the Intellectual Outputs as a theoretical and practical (art) pedagogical methodology to preschools in the local and national context and in Europe. The different type of media relates to different needs in different contexts and individuals. 

The innovative method of combining contemporary social engaged participatory art processes/pedagogy, researched-based methods and pedagogy together are innovative in the area of early childhood and care. The aim of works with contemporary artistic methods is not to develop artistic skills or experiment with material but to develop the methodology of the work with gender equality and standard criticism in relation to the context, based on the curriculum and national pedagogical goals, and to use the method as a communication and development tool (beyond verbal).  

Results expected at the end of the project: 

  • To create a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the preschools and organizations: ready to integrate good practices and new methodologies into daily activities;

  • Open up collaborative processes and synergies with organizations active in different fields and in socio-economic sectors; contemporary art initiatives, strategic planning of professional development for staff in line with individual needs and organizational objectives;

  • To develop and reinforce networks, increase their capacity to operate at local and transnational level, share and confront ideas, practices, and methods;

  • To develop methodologies for increasing the quality of the preschools works with gender equality and standard criticism in relation to the context where it's situated.

  • To develop one research-based method suitable for implementation in other preschools on a local-, national, - and European level, in four tangible outputs; BV THE PUBLICATION, BV VIDEO DOCUMENTATION, BV TOOL-KIT, and BV WEBB.

  • To disseminate the results of the activities and actions;

  • Increasing access to affordable and high quality in early childhood education and care, and enhancing the quality of systems and provision, in order to foster age-appropriate development of children, to achieve better learning outcomes and ensure a good start in education for all, in relation to organizational goals, national cirrocumulus, and goals;

  • To deeper and create in-depth discussions in the already ongoing (if) work on gender equality and standard criticism in relation to the context. Become aware of our own individual norms and values. Getting to know each other's different norms and values and creating understanding between people instead of working side by side;

  • Learning to read normative pictures in the everyday life, in order to be able to analyze and use other images (created by others or/and by people in the preschool) with the children in a relevant and conscious manner;

  • To work and develop new methodologies using contemporary-art-pedagogical-processes and contemporary art as a communication and development tool, to find new approaches and perspectives to address social-, ethnic-, linguistic- and cultural diversity; Bigger social inclusion, ensure that each child and personal in the preschool have the same ability to enjoy inclusion; in the preschool, in the local context and in the bigger context of the cities, regardless of gender, background, sexual orientation or belief;

  • Minimize racism and alienations;

  • To inspire; Exchange of good practices; Experience and knowledge gained by individuals; Establishment of networks/partnerships; Knowledge sharing; Cross-cultural dialogue.

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