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Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project
2019 - 2022

Beyond Verbal is a research-based, pedagogical, collaborative art project that communicates and creates awareness on issues concerning norm criticism, representation, inclusion, and gender equality. Beyond Verbal introduces participatory art processes into pedagogical and creative work with children between 1-6 years old. 

Beyond Verbal (BV) started in (2019) as a need to raise the quality and invent new methodologies in the work on gender equality and norm criticism in early childhood education and care. This work was developed in relation to the context of socioeconomically challenged and intercultural areas. To develop this work, we use contemporary socially engaged art processes as a tool. During the almost three-year-long progress, we exchanged knowledge and produced the tool to be implemented in the work with children. BV is based on the seven grounds for discrimination; race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, and social origin, with a special focus on gender equality and standard criticism.

The partners in Beyond Verbal are several preschools, universities, and contemporary art organizations from Sweden, Denmark, and Turkey. The team behind BV has different professional backgrounds and affiliations. The four outcomes of the project (the web, publication, toolkit, and documentary) can be implemented in preschools, art organizations, and institutions.

The project was produced with the support of Erasmus+ (KA2).

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