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Prolific İstanbul


Kotti Shop

11-20 November 2011

Prolific Istanbul sets up a temporary art factory in which the prolific-Team of Kotti-Shop Berlin (Anne Kohl, Annette Knol, Stefan Endewardt) collaborates with a team of local workers which consists of artists and non-artists. The art factory experiments with different models of labor ranging between Sweatshop, assembly line and freelance to assess the effects that these different models have on the working individual and the product. The factory aims to be as productive as possible: prolific. Prolific Istanbul is a production facility, performance, and exhibition at the same time. in-prep-pre-prolific is an event exploring the future of Prolific Istanbul2012.

Working on the single production line TAPE we will collectively experiment with different art formats.  


We would like to invite you to:
PRE:  The Tape Bar – Opening bringing the Berlin Kotti-Shop Style to Istanbul 

PREP: TAPE Workshops – Collaborative art factory workshop  

PROLIFIC: Show Off – Presentation of the works made in the workshops

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