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Money Issue


Özgür Demirci & Elmas Deniz
curated by Nicole Daldanise

26 January - 5 February 2012

Money issue exhibition curated by Nicoletta Daldanise will take part at PASAJist between 26th January to 5th February 2011 with the participation of artists Elmas Deniz and Özgür Demirci. The exhibition mainly deals with poverty in general and the working conditions of the artists. Elmas Deniz recent work revolves around poverty in urban context and value systems that are distinct from the ones that are operating in our capitalist societies. She evaluates the issue of poverty from her social-economical status through this political perspective. This exhibition mainly includes her text-based works, aims to expose bare facts about poverty on a global scale using the possibilities of text, basically quotes. Özgür Demirci’s works based on his own experiences as an artist that focuses on the financial problems of the art system and its effects on the artist’s. His works ironically deal with the issue and consist of images about difficult working conditions and survival strategies of the artist while he also investigates the artist’s relationship with the art institutions.

Project Budget, 2011, C Print, 35 cm x 50 cm ©Özgür Demirci

The Fork, Ready-made object bent fork, on common living-room color in Turkey, and IKEA frame, 23x23 cm, Istanbul, 2012 ©Elmas Deniz


The Story of the Artist Who Has to Work for his Artistic Career, Photography on Light Box, 30cm x 20cm ©Özgür Demirci


Selfportrait, Object, Print on metal, 8x10 cm, in Turkish, Istanbul, 2012 ©Elmas Deniz

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