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Fernando Garbelotto &

Angelo Molinari

Meet me in the clouds

curated by Giorgio Caione

Garbellotto’s webs, made by painter’s canvas, represent space as themselves and overcome the environment around in a utopian game, incomprehensible for our rigid logic categories, but understandable through mysterious fractal shapes. Fractals are the layouts that nature uses in its never-ending movement. “Clouds are not spheres – the founder of fractals Mandelbrot used to say – mountains are not cones and shores are not circles”.


Molinari’s painting goes all over the space, starting from his studio. The canvas is on the floor like great American abstract painters did, but in his hands, there are huge Chinese brushes. Rather than measuring the space, Molinari invades it by his broad and overwhelming gesture, making colors explode out the canvas’ boundaries, the same boundaries in which the artist will force the colors, finding through this dynamic tension its expressive balance. It’s a meeting of rhythms and spaces.


Molinari andGarbellotto meet in the multifunctional PASAJIst’s space, a room in the heart of Istanbul dedicated to experimental independent art. It’s a meeting – once more – to think of yourself in relation to the others, to shape your thought according to the world, to leave a sign in the space through the lightness of the clouds.

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