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Valentina Karga

Berlin Farm Lab

Architect-artist Valentina Karga, is at PASAJist, with her project titled “Berlin Farm Lab” within Amber’12 Art and Technology Festival. She works on the idea of self-sufficiency in a city. Berlin Farm Lab is a platform which she shares her knowledge and designs along with “How to” and “Do It Yourself” videos, The design is a combination of systems that already exist, although combined in a nothing is-wasted logic. Valentina Karga holds a master's in architecture from the University of Thessaly, Greece. Sustainability, reuse, closed-loop systems, self-containing systems, environmental and food quality are key-words in her work. Currently, she is doing a research fellowship at the Graduate school of the University of Arts Berlin; a postgraduate, interdisciplinary and international program whose goal is to advance the dialog between the arts, sciences and humanities. Karga, asks each of the participants to bring ingredients to the dinner which would be held in PASAJist on Sunday the 11th. She aims to present her work and to create an interactive, participatory discussion during the dinner.

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