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Denizhan Ozer

19-29 May 2011

Denizhan Özer, one of our artists who continues his works in London and Istanbul, is at PASAJist with his video titled “The Actor”. The artist, who puts the human element and human problems at the core of his works, gives the audience a taste of that psychology with this film about the life of an immigrant.


The film, which will be screened in the immigrant room he created for the location, is 24 minutes long and has been shown in many countries before.  The film, which tells the story of Akif Demir, who fled Turkey and took refuge in England in 1989, with his own narrative style, also brings up the problems of people who left their homeland for both economic and political reasons. Akif Demir, who had nothing to do with acting until he came to England, took acting training at the London Meydan Sahnesi founded by Denizhan Özer and took part in many theater plays and films as an actor.   You can watch Akif Demir's tragic comic story on Pasajist, in the video “The Actor” with the narration of Denizhan Özer.


“The Actor”, which is a continuation of the “Passport” exhibition he opened before, can be seen at PASAJist between 14.00-20.00 every day between 19-29 May 2011.

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