Huri Kiriş 

5-15 May 2011

Huri Kiriş transforms PASAJist into an altar based on Ayşe Paşalı’s portrait that has been reflected on the press. She is a woman that was murdered by her husband.

This arrangement that leads to re-question the themes such as violence, power, state, family, sanctity, privacy, conscience and law that is made of the construction of giant size of portrait (oil on canvas) and other various supporting elements.

As nowadays, everything is attempted to be put in a cover of technology, this installation reminds us of “metaphysical consolations” and “pleasure of watching” is not innocent at all. This altar can be perceived as going beyond intolerable helplessness of “being a viewer” is turned to be an altar that is not promising peace.

“Altar” will be open to the visits of its community for ten days long.


Thursday - Friday 

14:00 - 19:00 


11.00 - 15.00 


Mumhane street Nimet Hanı 45/29 Karaköy


+90 534 613 01 80