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Nicole Riefolo 
31 March - 10 April 2011


PASAJist is pleased to announce the opening of Italian artist Nicole Riefolo’s solo exhibition: ‘Rusalka” a video installation specifically made for PASAJist.  Nicole Riefolo’s work is based on’ trans-classical’ research that uses typical elements of the ‘classic’ imaginary, in a broad sense. It belongs to the Greek Latin world but also to the Medieval and Renaissance ones.  Through the evocation of the power of these codes, deeply rooted in contemporary culture because of the same origin, but forgotten in their value of ethical/moral/ aesthetically vector, the ready-made work, which draws from particular original Arab and European medieval miniatures – translated on digital support –aims to then reconstruct a new a hieratic, mysterious and dignified visual imaginary. The video installation Rusalka (the Russian word for mermaid) investigates limits between the semantics and the physical effect of a symbol.

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