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Interface Inagh & Detroit Stockholm & PASAJ
2021 - ...

Interface Inagh art space from Ireland, Detroit Stockholm from Sweden and PASAJ from Turkey were invited to a long-term collaboration project. 

On February 2, 2021, the invited artists and members of the three organizations came together for the first of a series of 12 meetings. The community met online twice a month and formed presentations, workshops and working groups in networking events that continued for six months.

In July 2022, Gülçin Aksoy, Özgür Demirci and Seçil Yaylalı and 3 artists from each initiative participated in the exhibition Falling in Love with Outwards organized by Interface Inagh in Galway: Breda urns, Jane Cassidy, Ian Wieczorek, Zahra Zavareh, Jenny Soep, Emmy Dijkstra, Gülçin Aksoy, Özgür Demirci and Seçil Yaylalı. The exhibition was curated by Alannah Robins.

In 2023, through a series of residencies, each of the three initiatives will host an artist from the other in a residency program. 

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