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Gonul Nuhoglu


“The point of critique is not justification but a different way of feeling: another sensibility.” Gilles Deleuze, Nietzche and Philosophy Critical perspective requires the ability to choose different alternatives and to move beyond a narrative or a phenomenon and to push that concept to a moment of crisis which is the home of the critique.


Gönül Nuhoğlu, will create her interactive installation BANG! in an alternative artist initiative PASAJist. In her installation, she will present a familiar element of an amusement park -the shooting stall- in order to achieve a critical perspective on the topology of the artist-collector and the art market.


In the topology of the institutional art world, traders, galleries, collectors, museums, guides, critics and media have been the subject of the critical narratives occasionally. Effective critics on the collectors’ practice of seeing art merely an instrument of investment echo on alternative environments. Today’s collectors are more interested in the spectacular aspects of art and far beyond being supporters. Guy Debord, defines “spectacle” as “capital accumulated to the point where it becomes the image”. In another context, Hal Foster, uses the reverse of the definition “an image accumulated to the point where it becomes capital”. In different ways, both interpretations find meaning in the relationship between art and collectors. This logic today of many private art collections reminds one of the amusement parks. BANG! is fully situated around this perception.


The shooting stall used in the installation is a symbol borrowed from a funfair. In BANG! the audience is challenged to shoot targets which are actually images of the works of promising artists. An onomatopoeic expression of a gun shooting BANG! emphasizes the crisis of the critical moment. At the end of this game, successful shooters/audiences will have a chance to win the “collector’s certificate”. Why does the artist use promising artists and images of their works instead of standard targets? How does an audience qualify as a collector? Is the art market only a game? What does one need to be a collector? BANG!, provokes these questions while intertwining both the aesthetic experience and the experience of playing the game. 


Text: B. Aylin KARTAL

Artists contributed in the project:, Bahadır YILDIZ, Bahar OGANER, Berna ERKÜN, Can KURUCU, Cemile KAPTAN, Deniz ÜSTER, Derya ALTINEL, Engin KONUKLU, Ferit FURUNCU, Fırat NEZİROĞLU, Fulden ARAN, Gönül NUHOĞLU, Gülderen DEPAS, İlgen ARZIK, Mehmet VANLIOĞLU, Müge BİLGİN.

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