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From April 2022 onwards, PASAJ will take up space on the third floor of Barın Han, where it will focus on the representations of everyday life in Çemberlitaş and the historical peninsula, and the reality beyond its representations.
Everyday life can be a way to reassess repetition, routines, and ordinariness, but also authority, power relations, social bonds, and resistance. PASAJ invites artists to rethink 21st-century living practices, daily behaviors, and experiences, considering the relationship between humans, plants and animals, water and soil, bazaar and garden, architecture, and all living and non-living beings of the historical peninsula. Within the scope of this program, PASAJ proposes artists collaborate with another artist/collective/academician/scientist by including the phenomenon of collectivity from its ongoing project, Future Has Desires, which explores the nature and structure of being a collective.

The Moving Treads 

Durum Budur, 7, 22 Aralık 22, PASAJ at Barın Han, photo by E. Emirdağ.jpeg

This is the situation

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Reading what has not yet been written

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Femininity and Sustainability


Invisibility of Healing
What the Water Tells

Pasaj_barena bianca 22 (5).JPG

Never Let Me Gò, Tunaight

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13 m2

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