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PASAJ @ Barın Han program


Intersecting Dialogues

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(Intersecting Dialogues)

Workshop and Exhibition Setup : Arzu Arbak

Artists: Aliye Altunbilek, Ayşecan Kurtay, Sibel Kaçamak, Suzan Bayazıt, İpek Yeğinsü

21 March 23: Gathering

25 March 23: Performance - İpek Yeğinsü 

28 March 23: Intersecting Dialogues workshop - Arzu Arbak

"The 'I' itself, approaching the text, is a plurality of other texts, a plurality of unlimited codes, or rather codes whose source we have lost." Barthes (De Mallac:98)


(Read by putting the word 'photo' where 'text' is written) 


A family photo in an album is re-evaluated with a new perspective. Another photograph added next to it suggests that we now look at the family photograph with a different perspective. Or a family heirloom hair for one artist can turn into a political discourse in the hands of another artist. In Intersecting Dialogues, the artists play a game with photographs. They look again and again at photographs taken for different purposes, borrow them from other artists, cut them, distort them, remake them, displace the given meanings and create a new "code". They multiply the experience of looking at a photograph independent of any attempt to reach a final meaning. While this state of appropriation, which is a shocking experience for the artist, opens the door to different questionings, the works suggest the viewer to look at photography in a different way. During the exhibition, visitors will be able to experience "Intersecting Dialogues" and create their own fictions.

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