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PASAJ @ Barın Han program 


Sümer Sayın
While the Earth is Cooling Down

Talk: 25 Kasım 16.00
in TR moderated by Sinan Eren Erk

Opening: 25 Kasım 17.00

Dünya Soğurken, Sümer Sayın.jpeg
Sümer Sayın, Dünya Soğurken, 2023.jpg

​The earth overflows, stones scatter, dust is buried, and the earth cools. Continents move, countries are erased, people relocate, and centers disappear.

Sümer Sayın, who has been working in Berlin since 2014, presents installations that question borders, intervene in space, and create bends in perception and different perspectives through reflections, question borders, intervene in space, and create different perspectives through reflections, which she has recently produced with the research fund she received from the Berlin Senate and developed by exploring the possibilities of the exhibition space and the city in collaboration during her residency at PASAJ, between November 25 and December 23.

Based on the idea of a utopia where borders blend into each other and rules exist only with universal ethical values, in today's world of wars and conflicts, Sayın melts the concepts and identities that people fall into by coming into this world and brings together installations that give control back to the individual, create a shift in the center, disrupting the balance of power and stretch borders. Working on installations that also intervene in space by rearranging or disassembling found objects and reassembling them in different ways, the artist intervenes in the representations of historical and scientific data about our planet, while making small elements of our own personal world part of these installations, exploring the concept of 'home' and the various layers of perception that create the idea of center.

The artist, who examines centralization with an ironic approach, presents her production with ready-made objects, books, mirrors, maps, and drawings at PASAJ in Barın Han.

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