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Özgür Demirci & Borga Kantürk

Exhibition of the Exhibition

PASAJ @Barın Han is hosting “Exhibition of the Exhibition” between June 8-July 6, 2024, where @ozgurdemirci and @borgak turn the notion of exhibition inside out and address its production and life span.

Variations on the Idea of Exhibition: No:01

“Exhibition of the Exhibition”

The processes before and after the exhibition, documents, negotiations, speculations, rejections, works that did not come back, lost works, the expectation of new works, the effort to interact, audience development, parcels, packages, material lists, expenditure items, unorganized budgets...

What is remembered from all this? Is there a right or wrong time to produce and exhibit? What does the exhibition and the ceremonial gathering around it do? . What function does the exhibition have? The desire to make an exhibition focusing on the idea of “Exhibition” on the axis of all these discussions led to the exhibition 'Exhibition of Exhibition'.

Rather than presenting idealized and idealized works made with new and stylish productions, we wanted to bring together some fragments and fragments that point to our thoughts on the issues in question.

Our point of reference was Özgür's 'Project Budget' from 2011 and two canvas paintings from Borga's Exhibition Posters (Retrospective) 2003 series. Afterwards, we juxtaposed a series of works that we produced at different times and shelved or did not have the opportunity to exhibit.

We reflected on these pieces together. We looked back from today and decided to prepare the exhibition by adding a few co-produced pieces.

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