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PASAJ @ Barın Han programı 


Void Fraction - Quarrying the Vertical
Mari Rose Pritchard and Julie Upmeyer


Performative Installation: 8.06.23 17:00 - 20:00

Talk: 9.06.23 15:00

Mari Rose Pritchard and Julie Upmeyer - moderated by Zeynep Nur Ayanoğlu

ceyda oskay, küçük şeyler, temmuz 23.jpg

Join PASAJ's artists-in-residence this week, Mari Rose Pritchard and Julie Upmeyer, as they explore the depths and heights of Barın Han.

They carry with them 'The Void Fraction', an ongoing investigation into the permeability of stone and structures, people, stories and time. Their projects so far have brought them deeply into contact with limestone and limestone dust, a by-product of the quarrying process.

Their research in Istanbul has taken them into the realms of contemporary 'spolia' - the re-use of building material and its relationship to today's abundance of industrial by-products.

The project is supported by Arts International.

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