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PASAJ @ Barın Han program


Ceyda Oskay
small things studio residency


03.08.23 18.00

Open Studio: Tactile Traces

ceyda oskay, küçük şeyler, temmuz 23.jpg

PASAJ @ Barın Han is pleased to welcome Ceyda Oskay for the first time this summer as part of the Little Things studio residency program. Starting July 3, 2023 for a month-long residency, Oskay will be researching the history and materials of paper and printing in the Sultanahmet area, and exploring the processes of migration, cultural dialogues, production, fortune telling, historical objects, and tourism in the area. 
In parallel to the research, Ceyda works interactively with space, materials and people, and will be working on the coincidences and crossroads related to these themes throughout the process at Pasaj and Barin Han. We are waiting for those who want to stop by her studio and have a look. 


**small things aims to provide a space for artists to focus on what they want to do. It is a meeting place for artists to discuss the workshop process and their work with other artists, art professionals and art lovers.

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