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PASAJ @ Barın Han program 



Gözde Ju & Nazlı Moripek’

Küçük Șeyler Stüdyo Rezidans Programı 

Gözde Ju & Nazlı Moripek


PASAJ @ Barın Han hosts Nazlı Moripek and Gözde Ju as part of the Small Things Studio Residency Program.

The artists, who both live in Frankfurt am Main, will explore concepts of preservation, conservation and protection during the residency by examining cultural and historical talismans through their formal expression and symbolic meaning. They will take the opportunity during the residency to examine in detail the path of these protective symbols passed down from generation to generation and the relationship between cultural memory. In addition, research will also focus on historical and cultural rituals created by women and shaped by the migration movement.

Their processes will be shared with the public in an open studio format and will form the basis for a second exhibition in Frankfurt in September 2024.

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