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PASAJ Karaköy program


AIR Bayrampaşa: Artist as flaneur
'a walk in limbo'
Ali Kanal
curated by Christian Oxenius

21.06.2021 -  26.06.2021

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We invite you to our exhibition to be held in PASAJ Karaköy from June 21st to 28th, where the artist Ali Kanal, who is invited to the 2021 AIR Bayrampasa program, will exhibit his research and productions.


PASAJ has launched a research residence in collaboration with the hotel Ramada Encore Bayrampasa located in the area. Invited artists stay at the hotel for 14 days and conduct research and production within the scope of their respective fields of interest. Can the art space have an effective and productive structure for the artist, audience, and participant outside the center? Can an interaction be achieved through art? AIR Bayrampasa has been established to scrutinize, unearth, and study the unseen.

The program is curated by Christian Oxenious, an independent curator, author, and researcher.


Ali Kanal has completed his undergraduate study at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture, and he continues with his graduate study in the same university's Department of Sculpture. He is a member of Daragac collective in Umurbey, Izmir and lives and produces in the same neighborhood.


Building his practice of production on taking long walks around the idle, deserted places and creating sculpture using the objects he finds, Ali Kanal now collects traces from the venues of Bayrampasa.

The artist has wandered all around the area during his stay in Bayrampasa for 14 days and is trying to describe the familiar feeling evoked by industrial zones and cemeteries with the objects he collects.


Focusing on death, life and limbo, the artist is looking for traces of existence on a plane where the line between life and death becomes blurry, surrounded by the aura of Matbaacilar site and Edirnekapi cemetery.


The exhibition can be visited in PASAJ Art Space located at Mumhane Cd. No: 45 D.29, from June 21 to 28, between 13.00 and 17.00.

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