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anja uhlig

the spitsbergen project.nar.

The Spitsbergen Project. nar. – distribution and promise a project by Anja Uhlig / realitaetsbüro. The Spitsbergen Project. nar. – distribution and promise: 613 pomegranates. They were peeled in Munich's public space in 2010 during an artistic exchange Munich-Istanbul. They were conserved, but of each pomegranate remained one seed – 613 pomegranate trees now growing for Munich and for Istanbul. With the public distribution performances “The Spitsbergen Project. nar.” Anja Uhlig / realitaetsbüro is looking for people in both cities who like to become guardians and take care of these trees and thus become part of the “Spitsbergen Project”. During the distribution process, each guardian personally selects his tree and promises to care for it as well as possible. Instant pictures seal the promise to do so. And an almost invisible forest of pomegranate trees starts to grow to connect both cities. “The Spitsbergen Project” is an ongoing art project started in 2009.

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