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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


anna borghi 

fall, fell, fallen

A phenomenological analysis of “the fall”, in this period of social, political and psychological instability: that’s the shorter definition of the art project of Anna Borghi. The idea of “the fall” is analyzed through different ways, starting from scientific experiments of an object in free fall, thanks to the support of Italian scientists Roberta Badiali and Marco Quaranta. Then, breathing mythological stories that led Turkey to the Mediterranean Sea, the artist involved teenagers of Tarlabasi, to work with physical gestures related to the fall.

This research also included the support of Captain Luca Maria Landoni and many others involved in the field of aviation. Pilots and aircraft, from the artist’s point of view, represent the acceleration, the strength and the power of our contemporary times, but they also reflect the deep depression of this uncertain period. In this way, pilots are perfect links to understand the world of “the fall”. “Fall, fell, fallen. To fall down nowadays” is a participatory ongoing project that involved teenagers, scientists, pilots, artists and other people living in Istanbul and all over the world.

Photographs by Giorgio Caione

With Teenagers of Tarlabasi, Roberta Badiali,  Marco Quaranta, Luca Maria Landoni, Enrico Mineo,  Saverio Giannotti,  Goffredo Gravina,  Francesco Lombardi,  Giuseppe Marano, teacher Douglas Palmer, art curator Natalia Krawczyk, artist Sujin Kim, street artist Gianni.

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