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PASAJ Karaköy program



Aslı Dinç

02.06.2021 -  12.06.2021


After the performance at the 16th Istanbul Biennial, <andata> gets installed in PASAJ and turns the space into a working space open to visitors.


In these days where the most real window to the world is rapidly transforming into an 'interface', <andata> searches for the missing pieces of the present through the dream of the future.


Visitors to PASAJ are greeted by an installation consisting of posters produced by artificial intelligence and "fake anılar". “Fake anılar” are artificial memories that Dinç collects through the biennial performance and various platforms and transforms using deep learning models. These function as data noise (data noise) created to protect information on our private lives leaked to companies without our consent and knowledge.


Meetings, where Aslı Dinç communicates with visitors online, start with an organization manifesto from the future. Visitors are asked to go to the past, the data they transfer is processed live and shared with artificial intelligence, and a new "fake anı" is generated.


This live research process is based on a playful collaboration of performance and artificial intelligence that reflects on surveillance policies, social impact of information technology, and privacy issues.

This exhibition was supported by SAHA within the scope of the Sustainability Fund.

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