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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


ayça ceylan

-ı think- we were stuck in between

Opening : 6.10.2016 | October @ 18.30


Exhibition dates and hours:
7-8 October 14:00-18:00 
19-20 October 14:30-16:30,

24 October 14:30-16:30

Ayça Ceylan is producing an interactive performance for PASAJ Tarlabaşı. The participants, who will take their places in the installation he will create, will be greeted with stories embroidered on the covers of the furniture and curtains-tulle. These stories will be created by the artist, not with the familiar alphabet or visual images: After the artist transfers his own recorded voice to the sound program in the computer environment, the diagrams seen on the screen will be enlarged to a certain scale and engraved on these fabric surfaces. With this installation, Ceylan wants to question the cruising and navigating situations by focusing on different perception styles. It aims to turn this situation into a dialogue that will be processed on fabric surfaces by participating in the audience with the help of 2 interactive performances during the exhibition process and telling their own stories.

He whispered, the air mixed with the sea, the sea-air, the days of suffering that would last for years, centuries, millennia, thus began. Some people once said that it was easy to wait in the beginning, after some enigmatic words such as imagination, image, courtyard, ecstasy, uryan are swirling in the fragmented cloud in my head. sometimes the condensed cloud turns itself into water, imagination, image, courtyard, ecstasy, and uryan are both water and touch the soil, my movement continues..."

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