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PASAJ Nesxt Independent Art Network kapsamında 29 Ekim - 3 Kasım arası Torino'da

NESXT is an international network devoted to nonprofit artistic initiatives. NESXT project promotes the first edition of NESXT Festival (29 October - 3 November 2016) in Turin, Italy. The Festival is divided in four sections: the Show, a selection of twenty Italian independent art spaces; OFF Circuit, an exhibition in more than twenty different spaces in the city with special guests; Graphic, dedicated to graphic design; Bodyteller, a program of performances, concerts, talks, dj-sets, workshops.
PASAJ will be part of the OFF Circuit, hosted by Laboratorio Artistico Pietra.
PASAJ exhibits two participatory art projects realized in two opposite contexts. Kids from the historical neighborhood of Tarlabasi shot photos and video interviewing local people. Secil Yaylali and Ekmel Ertan guided them and created an interactive fabric map through which the videos are activated. The citizens of the multicultural neighborhood of Gellerup in Aarhus (Denmark) invented with Secil Yaylali a new cultural alphabet, a logography which starts from a childhood memory of their hometowns.

PASAJ presents:


Artists: Secil Yaylali, Ekmel Ertan, Grete Aagard

Curator: Giorgio Caione

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