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jesse gagliardi

vacant abode: family portraits

unoccupied 2: family portraits

The Empty House: Family Portraits| Jesse Gagliardi | Unoccupied 2: Family Portraits
Exhibition dates and times | Exhibition dates and hours: 4-20 November | November 2016 
Location | Space : Frowning kas  Sokak, no: 48, Kamer Hatun, Beyoğlu
Opening | Opening: 4.11.2016 @ 16.00

The exhibition can be viewed by appointment until 20 November|The exhibition can be visited till 20th. November by appointment.

Exhibition talk with Emily Arauz | Exhibition talk moderated by Emily Arauz:  4.11.2016 @ 18.00

Curator | Curator: İbrahim Cansızoğlu


“Blank Dwelling 2: Family Portraits” ise Gagliardi will be performing in an abandoned_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badik5cf58-storey building in Aynalıçeşme bb3b-136bad5cf58d_his first solo exhibition in the city.   Istanbulnbad_5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Istanbuln-bad_5cf58d_istanbuln-5cde-a-hundreds of these years-another years-old Greekbad5cf58d_Istanbuln-5cf58319 the approaching building still lives on with the fig and pine trees in its backyard.  The exhibition's exit_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d, who the artist found on the street, and whose time point is unknown black and white portrait photos. “Blank Dwelling 2: Family Portraits” Gagl It reflects a production process that was shaped by the replacement of photographs that hung in iardi's workshop for a while and lived together with works prepared with different materials and techniques . _cc781905-53cglib-cc781905-cglib-bb3b-3194-G reunites this faceless family using different practices such as sculpture, installation, collage and wood carving. The Arte Povera feel of Gagliardi's work combines with the multi-layered aesthetic transformation of found objects.  Dried bread carvings and antique rugs give off a feeling of mild discomfort. installations created with metal and wood reflect Gagliardi's approach to material, prioritizing influence.  Gagliardi, who is also inherent in the concept of holistic urbanism, breaks away from what is happening around the art in which he is positioned in a clichéd approach. engages in a production activity that turns inside out. The keen attention to found, collected and recycled materials in the works and the tense everyday atmosphere enable Gagliardi to create a space that is both ghostly and incarnated.  Emotional tensions How can the , oppressor seize materials, landscapes, and imaginations?  People who are faced with these tensions quietly endure the poignant sterilization of the dissonant, the patient to a ruin, the restless urban transformation of the lost how can he get used to the feeling of the waiting? Portrait is perhaps just an aesthetic tool that the artist uses to blur and deepen this familiarization process.


“The Empty House 2: Family Portraits” opens its doors to the audience on November 4 at 16:00. After the opening, the exhibition will continue with a speech.  The artist and curator will discuss gentrification, immigrant art and cultural heritage in the context of the exhibition._cc781905-5cde-3194_bb358-136 Üçok's collision with Gagliardi's work resulted in a series of free texts in the fanzine to accompany the exhibition. James Barron, Giorgio Caione, Levent Kalkan, Çağatay Apaydın  for their support

and Alp Esin. 


All viewers are invited to the exhibition speech and then the party to be held at the artist's studio. The exhibition can be visited between 5-20 November by appointment. You can send your exhibition tour requests via e-mail or phone.



İbrahim Cansızoğlu:, 05358310134

Jesse Gagliardi:, 05395734391




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“Unoccupied 2: Family Portraits” is a solo exhibition project of Gagliardi's that will be presented in an abandoned two-floor family house in Aynalıçeşme. Although the Greek owners of the house died long ago, the one hundred year old building still survives with old fig and terebinth trees in its garden. The solo exhibition project was inspired by the discovery of a series of old photographs Gagliardi found on the street. After hanging and living with the photographs in his studio, Gagliardi began a production process using mixed media with the intention of replacing the figures in the photographs. Gagliardi recreated the unknown family in the found photographs through the use of a wide range of artistic practices such as sculpture, installation, assemblage, and woodcarving. Gagliardi's transformation of found objects through multiple layers of craftsmanship conveys an Arte Povera sensibility. Objects carved out of dried bread and antique rugs channel a subtle feeling of discomfort while installations assembled out of scrap materials reflect Gagliardi's affective approach towards materiality. The acute attention he gives to found, collected, and recycled materials, as well as to the charged atmospheres of the everyday, enables Gagliardi to create a haunted, yet carnate space. How do affective intensities come to be vested in situations, materials, landscapes, and imaginaries? How do people encountering them become attuned to the sense of something dissonant, something as enduring as ruin, something silently bearing the affective traces of what is lost, something disturbingly awaiting sterilization by urban redevelopment? The genre of the portrait is the artist's aesthetic tool for obscuring and deepening this process of attunement.

During the exhibition talk Emily Arauz, the artist and curator will discuss issues of gentrification, migration art, and cultural heritage. Umut Yıldırım and Gözde Üçok's engagement with Gagliardi's work resulted in a series of free-associative prose texts that make up the fanzine that accompanies the exhibition.  We would like to thank James Barron, Giorgio Caione, Levent Kalkan, Çağatay Apaydın and Alp Esin for their support. 

The exhibition can be visited by appointment between November 5-20. You may request an exhibition tour via e-mail or phone:

İbrahim Cansızoğlu:, 05358310134

Jesse Gagliardi:, 05395734391

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