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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


Danielle Catalli
dream circus project
dream circus project

Dream Circus is a participatory and traveling art project that conducts visual research in the dream world. A participant in the Dream Circus Project tells a dream or a nightmare to Daniele Catalli and can then choose another dream drawn from her pen and take it with them.

The project, which set off from Turin in 2010, traveled the world for 7000 km with 700 dreams and reached Kabul. Daniele Catalli is making a Mediterranean tour for the project, which reaches from Turin to Kabul, and from Reykjavik to Buenos Aires. in the Balkans; The project, which passed through Trieste, Belgrade and Skopje, now has its last stop in Istanbul.

Dream Circus Project is a participatory and nomadic Project that does visual research in the realm of dream. Participants in the Project, tell their dreams or nightmares to Daniele Catalli and than, might take one of those dreams drawn by Daniele Catalli.

The project took the road in 2010 from Torino, among 7000 km with 700 dreams, it had been reached to Accept. Daniele Catalli, now, is made Mediterranean tour to the Project that previously toured from Torino to Kabul, Reykjavik to Buenos Aires. Traveled through Trieste, Belgrade, and Skopje in Balkans, the Project will be realized on the last stop Istanbul.

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