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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


didem erbas &merve unsal
collaborations on site

Artists Didem Erbaş and Merve Ünsal, who want to gather their informal dialogues that have been going on for a while under a 'corporate' roof, blend Pasaj's existing collaborations in the neighborhood with their new collaborations. Is it possible to produce something together? What kind of relations between the neighborhood and art venues and producers are natural, and what kind of relations are beneficial? What does benefit mean? This situation, which is central to the structural precarity inherent in temporary collaborations and togetherness, stems from the desire to represent a state of experimentation.

Intervention in space Artists Didem Erbaş and Merve Ünsal gather their ongoing, informal dialogues under an “institutional” roof. The artists converge their existing collaboration with Pasaj's already-existing collaborations in the neighborhood. Is it possible to produce together? What type of relationships can art spaces and producers form with the neighborhood? When are these relationships useful? What does use mean? Taking at its center the structural precarity of temporary collaborations and togethernesses, the work stems from the desire to represent an experiment.


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