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PASAJ Galata programı 


Sexy Plastic

Enrica Borghi

Enrica Borghi is an Italian artist based in Ameno (Italy) and Berlin. Since 90’s she’s been working with recycling materials such as plastic bottles, nails, packaging, tetrapak, bags creating huge installations, small jewels, mosaics, and mandala. For the exhibition at PASAJ, Enrica Borghi will create several “sexy plastic” jellyfishes made by colorful plastic bottles. Enrica starts out from that which contemporary society sentences to a rapid and inevitable demise: waste, trash or the unneeded. Objects which come to the end of their – essentially commercial – life cycle… Enrica Borghi will work with students and participants to set up her exhibition transforming simple plastic bottles in surprising artworks. The Italian artist will run a workshop open to high school students at SALT Galata, in which participants of all ages will be able to understand the process of her art-making. Following a prolific collaboration between PASAJ and educational institutions in Istanbul, Enrica Borghi will also give an artist lecture at Istanbul Technical University.


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