manuscript in motion - supreme art council

gülçin aksoy

17.09.2019 - 11.10.2019

Opening: 17.09.2019, 18.30
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Manuscript in motion wants to neither permit nor multiply what we do not want to be. It wants to pass by the popular while treading on the road where its heart lies, walk by the out-of-choice, and just to fly away (albeit the far-reaching - Supreme Art Council)” 


Gülçin Aksoy realized an exhibition titled The Family Cemetery I love at her studio in Perşembe Pazarı in 2017. The moving wall text exhibited was coded as “you are either 0 or 1”, which bemoaned about duality while emphasizing the in-between “O”s which means it/she/he in Turkish, thus, third singular persons and the relationships. 


Aksoy built jet-black walls and installed her flying text which she names as “in motion” on them. When the artist left her atelier, the Manuscript in Motion reminding of a blackboard remained on the wall in the same way it was originally exhibited. 


This time, she places a wall text about the operations of Supreme Art Council upon a constructed synthetic organism.   

Gülçin Aksoy is among the four women artists at the “Wednesday Society. Homage to Beral Madra” exhibition, curated by academic and curator Schulamit Bruckstein, of which starting point is the female desire named by Freud as “dark continent”. Manuscript in Motion - “Supreme Art Council” by Aksoy to be viewed in PASAJ is in dialogue with the artist’s other work to be exhibited within the frame of  “Wednesday Society. Homage to Beral Madra” which will open at Antik Pasaj, 2019.


We invite you to contribute to the moving text at the workshop to be held during the exhibition. Starting off from the question “how can a synthetic organism go astray or be forced to go astray?”, we might find ourselves in a state of tracing the dysfunction within the familiar operation, struggling with the possibilities to get messed up, thinking and rusting, sitting and scratching, writing and drawing…       


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