A solo show by Hacer Kıroğlu in four venues in Karaköy curated by Inez Piso

For Hacer Kıroğlu the square is the most simple and basic form. She 'opens' the square on many surfaces, as she did in her earlier works in the public space.
For this exhibition, she takes the square room of the Nimet Han as a zero point, as the center of a storm that continuously changes the surrounding neighborhood in a city where worlds connect and clash. She placed works in four different locations, from old traditional Han’s to secret roof churches of Karaköy. All of them produced as she searched for the silence of a square.

IIn the frame of Hacer Kıroğlu solo show in four venues in Karaköy curated by Inez Piso we organized various tours and talks. 

11 JULY 19:00
İdil Han, Mumhane cad. No: 43, Karaköy

Art Historian Okan Şahin from Mardin Artuklu University wrote his thesis on how the square developed before and after Malevich' Black Square. He will give a talk on how the square form carried different meanings throughout history. 

12  JULY 16:00
Nimet Han, Mumhane Cad. No: 45, 2. kat no:29 Karaköy (PASAJ)

Hacer Kıroğlu and Inez Piso take you to four venues and share the story of their search for silence in Karakoy. 




Thursday - Friday 

14:00 - 19:00 


11.00 - 15.00 


Mumhane street Nimet Hanı 45/29 Karaköy


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