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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


jacob de baan

In the exhibition project he developed for PASAJ, Jacob de Baan shares a series of workshops, installations, archival materials and newly designed lighting objects with the audience, inspired by the idea of "Transformation(s"). Tarlabaşı is a neighborhood located in the center of Istanbul, where constant transformations are experienced. Shaped by different ethnic groups throughout history – Greek, Armenian, Jewish and people from Anatolia – This endlessly controversial process still continues with the rapid progress of urban transformation and the arrival of Syrian immigrants. In the Baan project, he turns Tarlabaşı into a platform where residents and their living spaces will share their own light designs. Just like PASAJ transformed the small restaurant on Kurdela street into a contemporary art venue called PASAJ Tarlabaşı, which also continues its restaurant activities. Together with PASAJ Tarlabaşı, the exhibition will be exhibited at the PASAJ Studio a few meters away.

In workshops where children living in Tarlabaşı will take part, the artist aims to draw and make new objects for children based on their own thoughts, values and wishes. Children and adults will experience the process behind the production stages of the artist's flat-packed and ready-to-assemble lighting objects, and will also have the chance to become a designer by designing new objects.

Jacob de Baan developed a new exhibition project featuring workshops, installations, archive materials and newly designed lamps inspired by “transition(s)”. Tarlabaşı is a neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul that has always been a transition place. Different ethnic groups transformed the neighborhood during its history – Greeks, Armenians, Jews, people from Anatolia – a never-ending process that is still going on today due to a controversial urban renewal project and new arrivals of Syrian refugees. In Jacob de Baan's project, Tarlabaşı becomes a sort of a platform where the Dutch designer tries to share some of his new light designs with Tarlabaşı people and unconventional places, like the tiny restaurant in Kurdela Sokak that PASAJ transformed in an original contemporary art venue named PASAJ Tarlabaşı. Beside of PASAJ Tarlabaşı, the exhibition will take place in PASAJ studio, located a few meters from the restaurant.


Children of Tarlabaşı will be involved in two workshops where Jacob will invite them to build and draw a new object starting from their thoughts, values, and desires. Children and adults will discover the process behind the production of Jacob's flat-packed and ready-to-assemble lamps, and they will have the chance to become designers themselves by realizing new products.


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