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Future M.

Kaethe Wenzel


İsmail's - Gönül Lokantası

FUTURE M is about migration and arrival: How do you arrive in a new place? It is work to make a new place your own, a problem that millions of people are solving on a daily basis. How? Kaethe Wenzel interviews people about their long or short way to their current home, listening and drawing. Future M combines drawing, interviews, street art, and the internet. Sketches developed during the interviews become animated drawings for an internet-based map. Future M is an ongoing global project - collecting a many-voiced panorama of perspectives and individual methods of arriving.


At the moment, Turkey is hosting an estimated 60% of the world’s refugees, and it has been an immigration country for centuries. So it is an overdue stop after talking to people who migrated to Berlin, New York, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

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