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tarrabasi contemporary

The exhibition center was built on the concept of a stage and a shelter and was based on applied research in Tarlabaşı. Local A. work defined as "workshop as research" by children, It consists of colloquia organized with cultural actors and cooperation with organizations from Tarlabaşı. These workshops held in Tarlabaşı have two key words: as a living space of people; Scene and Refuge. Shelter represents the necessity of a safe position, a physical space to live in. The stage, on the other hand, represents showing personal interests, behaviors and characteristics, and also providing an opportunity for the person's voice to be heard. Local A. I believe that art is a positive development resource for the society and at the same time, it is a spontaneous learning and development activity that is active in all areas. believes that it will include pedagogical processes. 
Çağdaş Tarlabaşı Local A. is the fruit of the collaboration of PASAJ and Tarlabaşı Community Center. Other outputs of this study are workshops with children from the neighborhood and the communication network established with cultural organizations. Tarlabaşı Community Workshops and the exhibition were supported by the Swedish Institute. 

The exhibition centers on the concepts of STAGE and SHELTER and consists of works, which are based on practical research in the Tarlabası neighborhood of Istanbul. The research and devising process, which Local A. calls Workshop as Research, involves art workshops with children, colloquiums with local cultural actors and collaboration with organizations from Tarlabaşı. The results and documentation from these workshops and the new understanding of the neighborhood with its social challenges is the material, which the Local A. artists use, and turn into a contemporary art exhibition with new artworks. Two important aspects were the watchwords during the workshops with the children in Tarlabası: the concepts of STAGE and SHELTER in relation to human scale. SHELTER represents the necessity for a safe position, a physical space to live and grow in. STAGE denotes the need for platforms to develop personal interests, treats and abilities and also a possibility to make one's voice heard. Local A. believes that art can be a part of a positive change within a community and also be a learning and pedagogical process, which operates in all directions simultaneously.  

Tarlabaşı Contemporary is a fruit of the collaboration between Local A., PASAJ and Tarlabaşı Community Center. Other outcomes are the workshops with children from the neighborhood and networking activities with cultural organizations. Tarlabasi Community Workshop and Exhibition pilot has been made with support from the Swedish Institute.

©Photo Credit: Local A.

©Photo Credit: Local A.

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