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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


martinka bobrikova & 
oscar de carmen
artist speech
artist talk

Martinka Bobrikova and Oscar de Carmen create their artistic practices within the framework of power values in the economy and social fields. By looking at the results of the current global financial system, they aim to investigate the subconscious mechanism of the human being included in a social group as an individual within the limits of capitalism. They realize their artistic practices based on experiences such as sound installation, live performance, interventions and objects, and research on various sound processes. Working places; It is visualized with a structure that objectifies the sound from the composition. The artists graduated from the Scandinavian Sound Art Program and the Swedish Malmö Art Academy master's program.

Their art practice develops around the context of the value of the power in the economic and social sphere. Their aim is to investigate the mechanisms of the human unconscious, as an individual belonging to a social group within the limits of capitalism looking at the consequences of the current global financial system. They investigate various sound processes that lead them to develop their practice in sound experimentation as a resource for the realization of sound installations, live performance, interventions and objects. Their field of work effects from composition to sound objection format to visualize the work. They hold MFA from Nordic Sound Art program and Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.

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