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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


mk citizen

lax @ PASAJ

The visiting days: 27 - 30 Mayıs | May

Opening : 26.05.2017 @ 19.00

“Lax is a soft machine which is tending to denormalize the space that it’s working in.”  **

Mk Yurttaş made Lax working at the restaurant of Pasaj at Tarlabaşı and a weird connection occurred between the service papers layed on the tops of the tables and the intervention which Nina Levitt made on an Alice Austen photograph nearly after a century. The intervention on the photograph came down under the belt-level and at the restaurant the surfaces formed that are semi-covering the shameful seen sides of Tarlabaşı; the neighborhood and its surfaces which are not transforming but staying still at “the-state-of-sketch” with ongoing interventions over it.



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