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PASAJTarlabaşı programı 


Off-Site - Istanbul

 Opening: 28 September 18h30-22h00

Curator:  Chun-Chi WANG

Performer: HOU I-Ting / Body Field (18h30)

 River Lin/ My Turkish Gay Porn 19h00 (durational)

OFF-SITE - ISTANBUL, the project takes place in Tarlabaşı, Beyoglu/Istanbul.

Old buildings dominate the neighborhood face in Istanbul – with its dark alleys and gloomy apartment entrance hallways.

After Istanbul experienced a massive program of apartmenization in the '60s, the urbanization in Istanbul had augmented uncontrollably. The legalization of squatter (gecekondu) was apparently well-intentioned, however, it actually became the land privatization development projects which resulted in apartments and real estate built by developer companies. The apartment projects become the legal substitute of squatter (gecekondu). The idea of the new middle-class settlement, as well as the wave of modernization which brings the individualism and consumerism lifestyles, have pushed the idea of apartments as an "ideal home". In the city scale, the "spartmenization" symptom has destroyed the wide-gardened houses in the Ottoman era and created an enormous expansion toward strategic areas in several "legendary" places according to the history of Istanbul.

Like what many people say, Istanbul is a double-faced city. The face of a modern global city overlaps with the old buildings. Unexpectedly, we can see an ancient cemetery with Roman-lettered in its tombstones when we stroll down the neighborhood.

As the main face of modern Istanbul, the apartmenization has shaped the distinctive character of the city. The settlement pattern and the city spaces synergize with the strong character of Turk's kinship and brotherhood. The neighborhood streets create antique alleys and become the meeting place for the people. Food stalls, cafes, and parks are always crowded with the people who talk to each other, out of the boundary walls of the apartment. On the other hand, cars and motorcycles run speedily as if they make the alleys as their playground.

The project will launch on Thursday 28 September with three artists HOU I-Ting, River LIN, and Ya-chu KANG.

press release and more info:

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