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Onur Ceritoglu

june 17

Onur Ceritoglu became the first resident of the artist residency program in Bayrampaşa Ramada Hotel with the invitation of Pasaj İstanbul for two weeks in June. Even though he is living in Istanbul, he never knew this neighborhood. For him, Sağmalcılar was the fifth metro stop with an appealing name while he was going to Atatürk Airport. He did not know that Bayrampaşa's former name was Sağmalcılar as well. He learned that this name came from the dairies that were built just outside the city walls but yet they were not being there. Now here is considered to be inside the city walls.


He went to work from here. The textile weaving workshops surrounding the hotel whose floors were trembling constantly, worked not stop during his stay. 3 shifts a day. Onur took walks during these 42 shifts that comprise the time of his stay.


With the help of the Elif (Bursalı), he went to the prominent features of the neighborhood; bus station (the underworld), Park Ada (The place of horse fall offs) Üretmen work center (Little Karaköy with Maholy-Nagy courtyard), Doku site (fason united), velvet factory (Closed for 30 years), highway meadow (Uncle Çakır and light-metro), Forum Istanbul shopping mall (Kocatepe), Mega center (Mega market hall) are some of these. He recorded distinct moments in each of the spaces. The place he like the most is the Uncle Çakır’s meadow next to the highway and train tracks. Here is an oasis planted with oleaster, cypress and pine trees. Here is a place for the regulars who like flowing things*:

''Inbetween the two lights, I counted 17
As the light passes I counted 7
I counted 139 until the second light one''


In September, there will be a day-trip that includes his 14 days and Onur will talk about the moments that he recorded.



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