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independent art fair

PASAJ has been invited to participate to Supermarket Art Fair that will be held in Stockholm (Sweden)  from 16th to 19th April. Supermarket Art Fair is a European leading fair dedicated to artist-run galleries and other artists’ initiatives to show their work and create an international network. PASAJ will recreate in its fair stand the small buffet/restaurant we use for our exhibition/event in Tarlabasi neighborhood. It’s a way to bring to Stockholm a small alternative part of Istanbul, connecting cultural events and the daily life of a vivid neighborhood of our city. Stand’s walls and windows will be covered with the real size black-white prints representing the restaurant’s image. This will be the stage for some artworks by Secil Yaylali, Ozgur Demirci, Giorgio Caione and Paola Ferrario. The cover page of the internationally distributed Supermarket art magazine hosts Secil Yaylali’s work “Love to Love”. PASAJ will participate to Supermarket Meetings, which is a series of close meetings for networking, and to Supermarket Talks, which is a public presentation taking place during the art fair. PASAJ will talk about our recent activities and Secil Yaylali’s project with Kurds, Roman and marginalized teenagers “We reside, the way we want”, in collaboration with Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

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