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porta pila art market

Open Call to Porta Pila Art Market, Torino/ Italy

Deadline: 12th March 2012


To realize a participatory art project, an artist will be invited for 10 days in May to Torino, Italy. The project will last 6 days and take place in Porta Palazzo Market Place. Artists are expected to realize their projects on market space in these 6 days from 8.30 AM till 2.30 PM.

–          The stall will be already prepared before the arrival of the artist,

–         The artist can add removable construction details on the stall.

–          The selected artist need to collaborate with Italian artists, they can either make a collaborative project or they can share the stall.

–          Accommodation, honorary, and production costs (limited) will be provided.

–          Artists will have all the needed help but they have to be independent to proceed and flexible to the conditions.

–           Turkish artists need to speak fluent English or Italian to be able to communicate.

–          Accommodation, honorary and production cost (limited) will be provided. –         

The project proposal should integrate;

  1. Specific project proposal for Porta Pila Art Market.

  2. Updated CV

  3. Portfolio of previous works

The artist who is interested, please send materials in a single mail with an indicated subject “name, surname- PPAM”:

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