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sheila pepe

f7 stopover

f7 pauseway

PASAJ, in collaboration with Newyork-Brooklyn artist Sheila Pepe, invites the audience to stop, watch, discuss and reflect on the nature of their environment, the art fair. Visitors will take off their shoes and settle into Pepe's business, relax in silence, or talk about what they have seen and will see, perhaps asking what they will have for their next meal, a cup of tea or coffee, or just keep looking. Architectural passage F7 transforms with handmade weavings that have been produced and placed by editing in order to unite the private space and the public. The study, art perspectives, draws attention to the phenomenon of living with art in the world and in our home. 


PASAJ works with (Brooklyn) New York artist Sheila Pepe to create a space that invites the public to pause, contemplate, discuss and consider the nature of the fair context: the Istabul . Visitors, leave their shoes and sit inside Pepe's work to rest quietly or talk about what they have seen, will see, perhaps  they might ask each other what they will eat for their next meal, if it is time to have a tea, a coffee -- or carry on with the looking. The architectural passage that is space F 7 will be transformed with handmade textiles designed for use, and aesthetically installed to blend public with private space. The work points to methods of looking at, and living with art in the world and in our homes.

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