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tatjana fell

ground scan

ground search


Tatjana Fell questions “space” at PASAJ's new venue… PASAJ, the sequel to PASAJist, is hosting the first event of the season in Galata, the first event of the season, apart from Sheila Pepe's work at Art International, titled “F7 Break Place”. We invite everyone to PASAJ to discuss Tatjana Fell's project “Floor Scan” together with the artist and to meet again after a long time. Berlin installation artist with “Soil Scan”_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Tatjana Fell questions its general positioning as well as its structure and appearance, from relational space to space relations. His work draws attention to transformational systems, systematics and locations, overlaps, extremes, boundaries, and their relationship to individual and political movements - as well as networking. The artist explores the importance of interpenetration and collaboration rather than origin, part and singularity. PASAJ invited the traveling artist Tatjana Fell for a presentation and speech where she will talk about her latest works and research areas.

Tatjana Fell, quests the “space”, in the new space of PASAJ. PASAJ, as a continuation of PASAJist will host its first event of the season, except Sheila Pepe's work, “F7 Break Place” during Istanbul Art International. To talk about Tatjana Fell's work of art and to get together after a long break, we wait all of you in our new space of action. With Ground Search – from relational space to space relations, Berlin based installation artist Tatjana Fell quests the constitution and appearance of space as well as concepts of general positioning. Her art work as well as her network projects magnify transformative systems, systematics and situations, overlaps, fringes, borderlines and their correlations with individual and political action. Instead of extraction, division and singularity she investigates the values of intertwinings and cooperation during her long term exploration. PASAJ invited traveling artist Tatjana Fell to open up her recent projects and research fields for a presentation and discussion.

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